Castlebrook Hearthstone Gray

Castlebrook™ 35

A distinctive appearance and long lasting performance make Castlebrook™ premium laminate shingles the natural choice of homeowners who want the very best. Full random cuts and unique shadow lines provide the look of traditional wood shakes with the performance of a true laminated shingle and no undesirable patterns.

Castlebrook™ premium shingles are available in six designer colors and come with a 110 mph wind rating and a 35-year limited transferable warranty. It’s a small price to pay for long-term peace of mind.

A true laminated architectural shingle featuring distinct shadow lines, Castlebrook™ provides the added dimension and charm of a multi-layered wood shake shingle without the added cost. Full random cuts ensure that undesirable patterning won’t occur.

Features & Benefits

  • Premium Quality
    Lasting Performance
  • True Laminated Shingle
    Distinct Shadow Lines Provide Wood Shake Appearance
  • Up To 110 MPH
    Provides Superior Resistance Against
    Wind and Wind Driven Rain
  • Popular Color Selections
    Match or Complement Any Color Schemes
  • Full Random Cuts
    Prevents Undesirable Patterning
  • Modified Asphalt Wind Sealant
    All Weather Application and Superior Wind Resistance
  • Matching Pro-Cut®
    Hip and ridge shingles Ceramic Coated Granules
Available Shingles
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